Casino Casumo – Licensed and Generous Casino with Big List of Bonus Codes

Many years ago, people said that in the 2021s there will be flying machines, robots, and in general, everything will be so modernized that people almost do not have to work or even to think. This could not be just ignored. Also, this was not at all surprising, since the discussion was about a future that few people know about. We can’t say that nothing has happened in the present, on the contrary, quite a lot of guesses have come true with the help of scientists, builders, engineers, entrepreneurs, inventors and, what is important, investors.

And if the fact that cars will fly in the future could be believed, because this is the future; few people thought that someday gaming houses would turn into small monitors without levers for starting and even without buttons. That a whole casino with dozens of different games, slots, and poker can be carried in people’s pockets. Now it is possible with one of the best casinos on the planet Casumo Casino.

You do not have to strain and go to game houses, where you are surrounded by strangers, tense opponents who only distract you from the game, a noisy atmosphere that does not contribute to concentration, and subsequently to win. Moreover, no one can guarantee that no one will take the money that you win in an offline casino.

It is much more pleasant and more convenient to relax after work or study on a soft couch with a cup of coffee in a pleasant atmosphere and play your favorite games or in classic slot games, poker or such popular video slots.

In the search for the best casino, each user pays attention to several things: a design, it should not be distracting and too bright, there should not be flashy advertisements or flickering screensavers; there should be honest and transparent payments; reliable and modern protection against hacking, data interception, and identity theft. Another important factor is the game, if you thought about the quantity, then you were mistaken since it is important that the games and slots be of high quality for real regular players. After all, you cannot play all the games at all, because casino cafes provide a wide selection of slot games for every taste and color often. The important thing is how good the graphics and details are.

User support is also one of the important factors when choosing a casino, it should be constant and around the clock, in order to provide users with support and in case of problems or questions to help immediately.
There are many casinos that have one or more of the above factors, but few gambling houses can boast of having all these qualities at once. After a long search, we were lucky to find such a casino that contains all these positive factors and this is Casino Casumo.


At the very beginning, we are met by an open menu bar on the left and an attractive offer in the middle of the page, which guarantees a welcome bonus or so-called sign up bonus of three hundred euros, besides, 20 free spins are offered as a gift.

You can immediately say that the casino is quite generous, as for its counterparts. Right below the line with the bonus, you can find the Sign Up button near Login button and register if you are not already a player of such a prestigious casino. Becoming a new member is quite simple because the casino offers a convenient registration procedure. After you went to the site and clicked the register button, you will see a window with game chips and by how registration will take place. It is worth noting that the design is quite interesting since you immediately see what you need to prepare for registration, and to receive a bonus.

If you change your mind about registering for some reason, then after clicking on the cross you will see a new window where it will be written that the registration is updated and will not take more than a minute. It’s hard to leave this place, so it’s worth registering, especially since you will not regret it.

The design is very pleasant; the screensaver resembles a starry sky and is very in harmony with the design of the site. The main color of the casino is white, which means cleanliness and honesty.

It is necessary to emphasize an important plus of this gaming establishment, this is a search line on the site. Because this is a very necessary section in any casino. For example, you could not find your game on the site, but you know that it must be there, of course, you use the search, and it’s good if it will be there because the search bar does not exist in all game cafes, which is a minus.

In addition to the search bar, two more sections are located next to the menu and these are Top Lists and All Games. These two sections have nothing to do with the user’s selected games, but they highlight the most popular and most exciting games in the entire casino. If you want to please yourself with a game of good old poker or baccarat, but at the same time you want something new and fresh, go to this section and find exactly what you need. The All Games section will show you the entire list of existing games, but we warn you not to be scared because the choice is large enough and your eyes can just run away from such a generous assortment of games.

If you are, for example, confused and do not know what game is worth playing then this very friendly casino will advise you on what is better to play. The casino is insanely pleased not only with its design but also with its structure, so on the main page, you can find categories of games in a very interesting presentation.

The popular category will introduce you to the most popular games in 2021; it’s impossible to tear oneself away, believe in it. New
Games displays all the new games that are available at Casino Casumo.

Then comes a very interesting category called Only At Casumo – the name implies that all games in this category are available only in Casumo. There is no doubt that the games are not only quite interesting, but also selected with impeccable taste, and the graphics are generally at a completely different level. Must Drop Jackpots are games in which the highest probability is to hit the jackpot. This is not just ordinary games that some casinos have, these are games based on films, for example, there is a game called Pirates’ Plenty that partially reproduces Pirates of the Caribbean, a very exciting game. Casumo Loves is another intriguing category that contains those games that the creator of Casumo liked to dig. Without a doubt, all the games that are placed here are very exciting. Pictures here are similar to screensavers of famous films, colorful pictures from the Internet and simply fantastic worlds. If you are still in doubt, then it’s time to drop all doubts and play in this unique casino.

What kind of casino it will be if there is no Live Casino in it. This category was created specifically for those who like to tickle their nerves and love bright emotions.

Jackpots is a category of games where you can demonstrate your skills, experience and earn new experience points, compete with yourself from the past and the future, earn enough money for yourself and leave a good impression.

Immediately after the list of categories lies an important part of the entire casino, these are three awards for 217, 2018 and 2021 as the best mobile operator and as the best online casino. There were no awards in any casino, which is more remarkable is that it has a fresh award of 2021, which immediately makes you trust this casino.

At the very bottom, you can read brief descriptions of various categories, for example, support service, payments, casino chips and what constitutes a casino in general.

An additional menu you can also find below and also carefully read it.

Another plus of a casino with a positive review is the choice of language. The range of languages ​​is very extensive, so both residents of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and England can play in this online cafe.


Everyone will always be happy with a sudden gift or surprise, and people are used to the fact that only people can give gifts, but everything is possible in the 21st century. Casinos that you can carry with you in your pocket, flying cars, robots, and good people are possible in the 2021 year. In addition, casinos took the habit of introducing something new over time. This time the online casino pleased all its users with the mobile version of the casino. This is new, of course, but there is something fashionable, something out of fashion and there is something that lasts forever and these are bonuses from

The casino is very famous for its generous bonuses, and has extensive experience in the gaming industry and knows how to attract new users, as well as how to encourage them. The welcome bonus is one of the most generous of all online casinos.

This casino has one interesting feature, it gives out no deposit bonus as well as deposit bonus, casino free spins, free spins code (to receive even more free spins), bonus code and gifts, depending on where you live. Therefore, most European countries receive a guaranteed bonus of 20 free spins and no deposit bonus up to 1200 euros and 200 free spins. Moreover, this entire bonus offer is divided into five different bonuses, which we will consider further.

In order to make your first deposit and be able to play the most modern games, as well as get a lot of great bonuses, you need to check your wallet for money, so if you have 10 euros in your pocket then this is your chance to win numerous bonuses and may even be rip off jackpot.

The first deposit will bring you a 200% no deposit bonus, as well as inclusive up to 50 euros, but also 200 free spins, it is worthwhile to clarify that within ten days you will be given 20 free spins no deposit every day.

When you decide to continue playing and deposit money for a second time, you will receive a 50% deposit bonus, as well as up to 150 promised euros.

The third deposit will be similar to the first and will also bring you a 50% deposit bonus and up to 20 euros.

The fourth and fifth deposits will delight you with as much as a 25% bonus and up to 400 euros.

It is worth noting that players from the UK will receive as much as 20 free play and 100% deposit bonus and as much as 300 pounds as a gift.

Users are not limited in payment methods in any way, the casino provides a wide selection of payment systems, so there should be no problems in this area.

There is one important point, you should use your bonus only within six months, if you are late, then the bonuses will be deducted.

There are also some wagering requirements. Each player will have to bet both on bonus money and deposited money thirty times, as well as on free wins. Not all games make the same contribution to the wagering requirements, but most slots are. There is a list of slot machines that have a limit in bets, and you will find it in bonus conditions.

It is also worth noting that free spins no deposit are given by 20 every day so that you can stretch the pleasure.


It should be unnecessary to say once again about the well-known fact that the casino is good, affordable, reliable, and so on. Because users do not like it when someone talks their ears off and tell only the positive features of the casino because it starts to look suspicious. That is, how the product may have only positive aspects, that can not happen, because everyone has pros and cons. Therefore, the casino does not replete with bright advertisements, inviting screensavers and bright design only in order to delay the player and prove to him that it is the best casino he has ever seen. Moderate style, discreet design of buttons and menu is a feature of this casino and it is worth noting that it is right to the idea of minimalism style, because there are more and more users every day.

No wonder that this casino getting bigger every day and attract from all over the world love. All players of this casino have long been familiar with the fact that the casino has a mobile version. Now, if you are not comfortable sitting at a computer and playing your favorite games in a desktop version, you can pick up the phone and find somewhere more private in the park or your favorite chair and play another game of poker or relax by playing the lottery. The guys from Casumo made it easier for you all the way because now you do not need to download the casino app to play various slots. As some users say, it’s not very convenient for them to download a mobile app because it clogs up the phone’s memory like any other application. Creator of Casumo is pleased to announce that the mobile version is available from any browser and any phone. The developers are good guys and tried their best because the mobile version adapts to absolutely any mobile phone and any size of a display. Now iPhone owners do not need to go to the app store and download the next application. This is especially important because some users do not have Wifi, and in this case, all applications download for a very long time.

It is worth saying one important thing if during surfing the Internet you will see the name Casumo and next to this name you will see phrases like android app, app iPhone, app download, and this files will have the app apk extension – do not download or even go to this site under no circumstances. It may be scammers who fraudulently want to take possession of your data, credit card numbers, but also possibly a casino account.

Accessibility is another advantage of this casino over other analogs. Thus, the mobile version is available for all devices including mobile phones on all operating systems, tablets of any manufacturer and laptops. The main thing is that your gadget has free access to the Internet, it is even better if it is wi-fi, as well as a touch screen.

Since the casino is improving every day and still has a lot of trump cards up its sleeve, there are two categories of games to choose from in the mobile version – everyone’s favorite video slots and classic roulette. Despite the fact that there are only two categories in this version, they will please each user with a wide range of games offered. Therefore, you will not have any problems with the choice of games while you are in a traffic jam at work, take the subway or at lunch.


Casumo casino was issued a gambling license by Malta Gaming Commission. Moreover, the software of the casino is regularly tested by an independent laboratory, which issues certificates of work quality for a random number generator and other software. Three quality certificates can be seen at the end of the casino homepage. It is also worth noting that the games, provided by the world’s most popular developer Microgaming, are fully verified by the licensing authority of the Gaming Commission of the Netherlands Antilles.

The casino guarantees all its users the complete safety of personal and financial information. This means that all your passwords, credit card numbers and your data are fully protected by the casino. This is possible thanks to the use of standard security protocols, which is known to most players who are interested in security as 128-bit SSL encryption.

In addition, the casino meets it halfway the users who feel addicted to gambling. In such situations, the player has the opportunity to independently protect himself from making deposits, as well as block access to games.


It cannot be said that players never have problems with the casino. On the contrary, it often happens that users cannot solve this or that problem that has arisen; it can be like problems with the financial department, and with understanding how and where to get bonuses, where to see fresh promotions and others. For such cases, there is a customer support service. This is another section worth noting. Trained managers will always help you with all your questions, problems. They work to ensure a comfortable, safe, and most importantly affordable pastime.

Do not think that your question is stupid or wrong, just write to the support team and they will explain everything to you and help you with everything. Support managers work seven days a week, so no matter what the day is – just write if you have any questions. Support works without holidays and vacations, which simplifies your access. If you encounter a problem, and outside the window in winter and December 30, do not worry, just write in support and expect for an answer.

Friendly managers work around the clock, but this applies only to English-speaking specialists because if you are not an English-speaking person, you will have to wait a bit to get a professional answer; support operators for non-English-speaking users do not work 24 to 7. Nevertheless, if you have no problems with English, then you should write as soon as you have a difficult situation.

You can contact support by email, by contact number or, what’s the fastest, write in live chat, there you will receive an answer the fastest way.

Nevertheless, before you decide to write or call support, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with such a section as the FAQ, there you will find most of the answers to your questions, there are also several popular questions, maybe your question is already among them. In the same way, you can easily save your time and time of support specialists.

Money and Withdrawal Reviews

In order to replenish your electronic account with real money from your wallet, you must first have cash, and if there is no problem with it, then feel free to proceed with the money transfer operation. Thus, you have the opportunity to replenish your account in such currencies as Euros, US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, and many more currencies. Visit the site and see all possible currencies in more detail.

The availability of this casino is wide, therefore, conveniently, the casino has such a large list of available currencies, many countries that have their currency can easily replenish their gaming wallet and play the latest casino games.

In order for you to be able to make money deposit and withdrawal operations, Casumo Casino offers a wide range of payment systems for selection. So to speak for every taste and color. Now you don’t have to go to another casino just because your payment system is not here. A deposit can be made using popular payment systems such as MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, QIWI, Visa, PayPal as well as less well-known but no less reliable systems like Abaqoos, BoletoBancario, ComGate, DineroMail, EcoAccount, eKonto, EntroPay and an even larger list of payment systems that listed on the casino.

Since the casino is very loyal, you can make a deposit depending on what currency you use, but let’s focus on the most frequently used ones. The minimum deposit that you can make using dollars is twenty dollars, also the minimum deposit for the euro will be twenty euros, as for the Norwegian krone, the minimum deposit is 100 kroons. Other possible deposits are listed on the site.

To withdraw money from the game account, you can use all the same payment systems. When replenishing the account, the payment amount is credited instantly, except in cases of bank problems.

Your application for withdrawal of funds can be processed by casino specialists for up to 24 hours. Note that the transfer of funds is not included at this time. During this time, specialists will check whether your bonuses are won back, as well as the availability of verification of your account.

The maximum withdrawal amount is 10000 euros per month and may increase depending on the player’s VIP level.

Online Casino Review

Summing up everything that was said, it is worth noting that the casino deserves the attention of many users. Since the casino began its work long before the start of 2021, it gained enough experience to surprise and delight its users.It’s just the best casino to enjoy a huge selection of best games, best jackpots, best services. Despite the fact that this casino does not have discount coupons, it does a great job with the bonus program, as it has many more bonuses that continue to delight not only new users but also regular customers.

The mobile extension pleases the eye of every user who decides to go in and play their favorite Casumo games. It is worth noting that a mobile casino opens in a matter of seconds. A picture with a welcome bonus and a background that is very similar to the starry sky also welcome us in a mobile version. We must say that the site that we used to open on the computer is no different from the web version. Everything is also compact and conveniently located no need to flip through the site to find the right section. The only difference between the web version and the desktop version is that the menu is not fully expanded, but minimized and made in the form of a circle in which there are three lines of blue, yellow and red, which means the three main sections of the site – Login, Signup and Game Browser. After clicking on this circle the entire menu is displayed, it is quite colorful and funny, and also it works without freezes.

The availability of this casino is that it provides a wide selection of languages, any user from anywhere in the world can feel more than comfortable. The casino also has a large selection of payment systems, which facilitates the withdrawal of money.

User support at a very high level. It works every day, without days off, without holidays and weekends. They are ready to solve any issue that users have. The only thing the casino lacks is a person who will bring coffee or tea and a delicious cake, but you can arrange it yourself.

Reliable protection of the casino causes even more confidence in this gaming house because it is the very first and important factor when choosing a casino. Encryption of all personal data, including passwords, emails, personal data, and credit card data provides you with calm nerves.

Author: Thomas C. Lawson